“Since using earth medicine my plants have never grown this much! Plants that I use to think were “slow growers” are now growing like crazy! It’s definitely a plant product I need to have in my kit! Love love love it!”

“This was my first year applying Earth Medicine to my large garden. Despite a rough spring and very little rain or watering on my part, I've had my best harvest to date! Tomatoes had no end rot, lots of carrots when i usually get very few and grew some of the best cauliflower I've ever eaten!”
-Regina SK Gardener

“Hey I just wanted to remind you how great your product is. All I used was Earth a medicine this run and after wet trim on my harvest I had 1560grams off 4 plants”
-SK Cannabis Grower

“Amazing product, amazing people! So awesome to have a fertilizer that is safe for kids, pets and the environment.”
-SK Gardener

“Results are amazing and the product is environmentally friendly. I like that I can have my cute little Growler refilled! I highly recommend this product.”
-Regina SK Gardener

“Hi there! Just want to let you know that it has only been two days and I am thoroughly impressed with your product. Replaced it on a part of our lawn that was pretty brown and it is already starting to green up! I just put in another order for your largest bag and I can’t wait to use it on every single one of my plants! Props to you guys, thanks again!”
-Alberta Gardener

“Thought I’d share with you my strawberry success!!! These are first year plants, I gave them Earth Medicine twice and managed to pick fresh berries every three or four days since July! Success!!! Thank you!”
-SK Gardener

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