Earth Medicine - Organic Microbial Fertilizer
Earth Medicine - Organic Microbial Fertilizer

Add A Sprinkle Of Earth Medicine Every 4-6 Weeks.

We recommend that you add Earth Medicine when repotting your plants, planting your flowers, vegetable gardens and when planting trees. After you've added your initial dose of Earth Medicine you can add a sprinkle of Earth Medicine every 4 - 6 weeks before watering. 

Lawn Care
Did you know? Earth Medicine helps bring fertility back to struggling lawn areas.  

To use Earth Medicine to bring life back into your lawn, start by aerating your lawn and focusing on areas that are showing deficiencies. This is extremely important as it helps the fertilizer reach deeper into the soil. Apply a generous amount of Earth Medicine with a fertilizer spreader or broadcast by hand. Water generously.

You can also add Earth Medicine directly with the grass seed (4:1 seed to product ratio) or to the soil before laying sod.  

Perennial Flowers
Add a generous amount of Earth Medicine to you perennials every Spring and Fall. The older the flower the more Earth Medicine you need to work into the base of your flowers. We recommend starting with 2 TBSP - 1/4 cup and increasing the dosage as needed. It is beneficial to do monthly applications throughout the summer.

Annual Flowers
When planting your annuals, add 1 tsp per plant at the base of the roots when planting.  If you purchase prepotted flowers mix 1 tsp/plant into the top inch of the soil.  Continue to work in 1 tsp/plant into the soil each month throughout the summer. 

Fruit Bushes & Trees
Every Spring and Fall, work up the soil around the base of the tree or bush. Add 1/4 cup of Earth Medicine to the top 2-4 inches of soil and be sure to mix well into the soil and be sure to water. 

Still have questions on how to use Earth Medicine Fertilizer? Email us at and we help you through the process!

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