Fertilizer is typically a chemical synthetic product, Earth Medicine is a natural product derived from our highest quality aerobic compost. Fertilizer provides synthetic nutrients that the plant uses to increase the overall growth and size of the plant but neglects to increase the nutritional value within the plant itself, something that is VERY important when you are growing your own fruit and vegetables. Earth Medicine provides biology that feeds the soil, creating a balanced environment that increases the nutritional value of the plant as well as allowing it to reach its maximum growth capacity naturally.

Earth Medicine is a concentrated version of compost that is free from any additives. It is fully alive and diverse in bacteria and fungi. When you see compost with large wood chips or other solid organic matter, the bacteria is going to waste its energy breaking down these solid substances instead of focusing on providing nutrients and beneficial aerobic bacteria to your plants. We focus on soil health, rather then just feeding the plant and we focus on the environment and the need to recycle and reuse dairy manure that large scale dairy operation are producing on a annual basis.

Yes, it can be used all year round. Especially on house plants that have no ability to search out nutrients beyond the limits of their container. The plant only has “x” amount of life in it’s potted soil and the soil is being accessed for nutrients and biology every day. Adding in regular doses of EM could really work some magic that we’ve never seen before in the health and vitality of houseplants. Our theory is that adding new biology should only be beneficial to the existing potting soil and the plant in comparison to having old soil and synthetic fertilizers.

We recommend adding Earth Medicine to your indoor plants every 4-6 weeks. Or, if you are adding it your garden and yard in the spring, use it as a seed starter by adding it to your vegetable rows, or working it into the top of the soil of your flower beds and lawns. Check out our How to page to learn more.

Yes, in our opinion Earth Medicine is safe to add to any indoor plants growing in a traditional potting soil mixture. If your plant is kept in a bark base such as an Orchid, we suggest that you sprinkle your Earth Medicine at the base of the plant before completing your watering routine.

We ship anywhere in Canada or the USA. Shipping is a tricky thing. We are business owners, but we’re also consumers and so we UNDERSTAND the frustration of that shipping cost that shows up when you click “check out”. We ship with Canada Post within Canada and the United States Postal Service when shipping within the USA. We have decided as a company to charge a flat rate amount to ship our product across the US and Canada. This results in us taking on a portion of the cost of shipping 100% of the time. Believe us, we understand the shipping struggle and we are always researching new ways to bring cheaper options to our customers! Thank you for understanding!

Earth Medicine is derived from two ingredients, dairy manure and straw. We then develop these ingredients into aerobic compost over a two year process. Through a unique but gentle process, we create our granular microbial fertilizer.

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