Our fertilizer is full of beneficial bacteria, protozoa and fungi that provide an array of benefits to the soil it is added to.

Earth Medicine Fertilizer is not harmful to the environment, unlike synthetic fertilizers. We have made it our mission to mimic Mother Nature as closely as possible so that we can provide a product that is powerful while also being 100% natural.

Our fertilizer is made up of two key ingredients, dairy manure an straw. Our process of aerobic composting takes approximately two years! 

Adding Earth Medicine Organic Microbial Fertilizer helps plant owners and home gardeners grow healthy vibrant plants. By adding the right microbes into your soil, you will obtain higher fruit and vegetable yields and grow produce that are more nutritionally dense! (something that is lack in today’s fresh produce). Our family has over 15 years of experience in cultivating nutrient dense microbial fertilizer that has been proven to bring diverse life back into the soil.

Through our precise method of turning, fine screening, heat, moisture and adding organic flax (used to create a protective coating) we are able to create a condensed product that can be used directly on all indoor and outdoor plants and garden beds.

The trick is to always water your plants after applying Earth Medicine Natural Microbial Fertilizer. Water helps to break down the protective coating, releasing the microbial life into the soil, bringing balance and health to the environment of the plant.

You could consider Earth Medicine as an inoculant because when it is added to the soil, the beneficial bacteria, Protozoa and Fungi make things happen! It could also be considered a food source because the microbes feed on the little bits of organic matter within the Earth Medicine pebbles, releasing a small amount of NPK.

But at the end of the day, our goal is to mimic Mother Nature as closely as possible so that our customers can bring the magic that naturally occurs outside into their own house plants and gardens. 

We model our methods under the research and teachings of Dr. Elaine Ingham, creator of Soil Food Web, which we believe teaches the highest standards of soil regenerating methods on the market. Each batch of Earth Medicine is tested and looked at under a microscope by our lab technician to ensure the quality and consistency of the product. 

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