Earth Medicine isn’t just for houseplants and outdoor gardens! If you are looking for an EASY nontoxic fertilizer to grow your cannabis plants, then we are the product for you! Below is a case study that was completed by an export grower using Canadian Seeds, Earth Medicine, Soil from Canadian company BudMud for their 4 personal (legal) pot plants. If you are new to the growing space, don’t worry! You do not need to an expert to experience results!


Seeds used:  The 2 strains are Apple Pie and Killer Kongo Application Frequency of Earth Medicine: Once ever 3 weeks.

Growing Process: The plants were in Veg for 3 months (April 1st to June 30th). They then flipped to flowering from July 1st to September 5th. They were Harvested on September 5th 8 tablespoons of Earth Medicine Organic Microbial Fertilizer was added to each 6 gallons of soil mixture every 3-4 weeks. 

Training used: LST (low stress training). The plants were tied down ever 3-4 days during veg. They were spread out and kept low to give them maximum light penetration which allows the plant to grow out.

Overall yield produced from 4 plants: 683g. Average of 170g per plant.

Lights used for growing: LED full spectrum from Plantopia LED. (1) PTE-2000 main light. 91) Emerson effect LED light which mimics the sunrise/sunset which helps the plants to wake up and go to sleep. (5) 4’ LED full spectrum lights.

Conclusion:  Adding Earth Medicine Fertilizer to my grow turned out to be a great choice!  The plants were healthy right from the start and never ran a deficiency the entire grow!  It helped keep the soil alive and the plants thriving!  Earth Medicine will be in all of my grows moving forward!

Case study completed by: @ghost_growers 

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