The 2lb Growler
This size is great for our Urban Gardner. If you live in an apartment or condo who enjoys houseplants or an outdoor balcony garden, our 2 lb Mini Growler is the perfect size for you.    This size is great...
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The Sampler
Our half pound Earth Medicine Samplers are perfect for first-timers! If you are considering trying Earth Medicine, have only a few plants or just want to see what the hype is all about, these half pound bottles are perfect for...
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The 5lb Bagger
This size is great for our Rural Gardener. If you have a big garden, potted house plants, shrubs, perennial and annual flowers, then this size is perfect for you. You can use Earth Medicine in all areas of your yard. Our fertilizer...
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2lb Re-Fill Growler Bag
Are you almost finished with your 2lb Growler bottle? Grab one of our 2lb Refill bags to reduce waste and save on some cost! These bags are 100% biodegradable, so you can easily refill your existing 2lb Glass Growler Bottle....
$28.00 $21.00
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Soilless & Leca Fertilizer
  Earth Medicine Soilless and Leca Fertilizer is perfect for using during propagation, in fresh cut flowers, Hydroponics, and when watering your leca or bonsai clay potted plants! When you add our soilless & leca fertilizer to water and let...
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