It's September - And YES you can still add Earth Medicine to your yards.

Hey everyone!

Can you believe it's September?

 I am spending time in my garden - bringing in my beets, tomatoes, potatoes and squash.  I LOVE fall meals when my family eats dinners that were fully grown in my garden!

I know I  may not be popular for saying the "W" word - but it's time to start getting your yard ready for winter.  

Did you know that it's a good idea to winterize your yard using Earth Medicine?

We recommend that you winterize your grass, gardens, trees, shrubs and perennial flower beds using Earth Medicine.


To help prevent any damage that may occur from a cold harsh winter.  Your plants and garden beds will THANK YOU come next spring. Trust us!

To help you with this task - we've put together a cheatsheet on how to get your yard ready for winter.  

Check it out HERE

FYI - our 2lb Re-fill Growler Bag is 25% off right now.  This is a great opportunity to use Earth Medicine in your yard this fall at a discounted price. 

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