Summer Solstice!

Greetings Planters,

We have decided to celebrate the Summer Solstice by having a SALE!

The Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year. We’re fully awake, our spirits are alive and our gardens and flowers are enjoying the sun! So get outside, enjoy your outdoor space and think about something you’re grateful for.

If you planted your garden or flowers mid to end of May, you can add a top up of Earth Medicine to them! Just sprinkle and water! Remember, Earth Medicine is safe (and great!) to use all year round.


Thoughts from Earth Momma,

How did Earth Medicine Happen?

I’m the first to admit that if I believe in something or someone, I can be annoyingly enthusiastic in my championing of the said topic or belief, or in this case, our compost. 

I didn’t set out saying “our compost is going to be the best!”  But because of the nature of the situation and my husband’s and my personalities, that’s what has been occurring in my humble opinion. 

Dan, the entrepreneur behind the task of turning mountains of manure into beautiful cured usable compost, is a self taught mechanical engineer and a bit of an inventor as well. He is the one with his feet on the ground solving the real problems, tackling the mechanics of turning compost into a concentrated pellet form. 

I, on the other hand, have my head in the clouds as I pontificate on the world I see through the microscope lens. I yell at Dan that he is hurting the fungi, that the Protozoa are too dehydrated and the cocci bacteria are having a war with evil gram negative rods. 

I have passionately defended these microscopic inhabitants of the compost, arguing that shaking motions confuse them, cutting motions flail them into bits, too much heat or moisture upsets or kills them, fast centrifugal force mashes and thrashes them and crushing force compresses them, screening too fine leaves them adrift, with no islands of organic matter to hold onto, to grow from, to find safe harbor in and around.

Over the years, Dan has invented and I have criticized the effects of the inventions on the health and well being of the microbiology contained within the compost.

We have experimented with teas, concentrates, screeners, turners, bubblers and more. These experiments with various motions and mechanical forces gradually led to the development of Earth Medicine. 

You may rest assured that this formulation of compost is alive, happy and able to go to work. It is varied in its bacterial, protozoal and fungal life forms and has enough organic matter in it to provide sustenance, shelter and islands of life to support the birth and growth of new fungal strands once worked into your existing soil.

Earth Medicine is the result of a working relationship between creating the machinations that it takes to get a product to market combined with a thoughtful analysis of what is really happening to the microbes during the production process.

Our philosophy is to mimic Mother Nature as much as possible in how we make the compost, how we preserve the life in the compost and finally, ensure that the motions taken to pelletize the compost are concentric, gentle, temperature and moisture controlled, resulting in compost that has organically formed into a pellet, gently spiraled into a concentrated form that removes large organic matter particles while doing no harm to the life contained within. Think of it as life all bundled up in a cozy blanket ready to throw off the covers and go to work once introduced into their new home… your plant soil.

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