Plant care IS Selfcare

Hey guys! – Carmen here. I’d like to chat about how caring for your plants can be a form of self care.

I live in the concrete jungle of Toronto, and I cannot tell you how much I have been craving nature, outdoor space, or spending time near the water. This partly has to do with staying inside and working from home now but I think this new craving is my reaction to the chaotic/panicked energy our entire globe is emitting into the universe.

I believe in protecting your energy from the crazy (and sometimes toxic) energy of the collective population. One way that I connect with myself, with the earth and the Universe, is by sitting on my balcony each morning with coffee, instrumental music playing and my journal. I breathe in the crisp air, I let the sun touch my face and I get quiet...

I do this before opening Instagram, work emails, sometimes before I’ve even spoken a word! I also walk over to my plants and I touch them, I give them some sort of acknowledgment. Some days I spend more time with them than others, but I am always fully present, assessing them individually. – If you ever feel off, give your plants some attention, they will bring you back to a place of feeling grounded and centered.
I think caring for my plants and their soil is a way of grounding myself, connecting to the electrical frequencies of the Earth.
And since getting outside barefoot in the grass is a little tough for me to accomplish on the daily basis (another way of "grounding"), I work with my plants daily and I also sleep on a Grounding Matt as well.
Between the matt, my balcony routine, and caring for my plants,
I feel like I’ve been able to stay out of the panicked negative headspace (for the most part!) during this time.
And if I ever feel myself slipping, I always check-in and get back to my basics.
These are some of the simple self care practices that I do on a daily basis.
We are always talking about caring for your plants but let’s also keep in mind making our own self care a priority. I truly believe that you should always be honest with yourself. Don't be afraid to check in and ask;
"Are you taking care of yourself like you deserve?"
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