Is Earth Medicine a Fertilizer?

Is Earth Medicine a fertilizer?

Hello everyone! We hope you are all enjoying your summer and taking full advantage of the warm August days ahead of us.

We always receive different questions about Earth Medicine as a fertilizer and so we thought.. “Why not address this question in a blog!”

Earth Medicine is a Microbial Fertilizer. Meaning when it is added to your plants it will enhance your soil to become more fertile.

But we also went to our expert Earth Momma and asked her to shed her light and knowledge in answering this question…Here is what she had to say;

Earth Medicine will release some readily available nutrients when added to the existing growing medium in the form of low levels of NPK in about a 1:1:1 ratio. You will get an energetic boost in proportion to the amount of Earth Medicine you’ve added to your growing medium.

This amount is flexible and calculated based on plant needs, pot size, soil type etc. After the initial boost tapers off is when the real soil magic begins. By this time the Earth Medicine has incorporated itself into your existing soil and has injected a fresh healthy dose of beneficial bacteria, Protozoa and Fungi. They have been hard at work with the other soil life eating and digesting the protein, fats, carbohydrates, DNA and other micro-nutrients provided by the concentrated Earth Medicine compost pellet.

The microbes convert these substances into large complex organic molecules that contain nitrogen atoms and then those atoms are converted into nitrates, which is the form the plants can use. This process provides the longer sustained release effect of available low levels of NPK into the soil structure for use by the plant. We consider this fertilizing effect a beneficial side effect but the overall functions of Earth Medicine go far beyond fertilization.

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