Hello from my Earth Medicine Garden


Hi friends!


How is your Earth Medicine garden doing?  I legit want to know - so please let me actually know how things are going!


We had a great message this week that I wanted to share with you.


“I’m going to need more Earth Medicine.  I took the sampler jar to the lake where I met my mom & sisters & added to their plants…after 2 days they were sold on it!”


This message has been echoed all spring/summer - people amazed, seeing results in their plants within a few days.  Messages like these always give us a smile and NEVER get old.   


I’m also sliding into your inbox today to remind you to add Earth Medicine to your gardens right now!  Things are starting to flower (peas, tomatoes and potatoes in my garden) and this is the perfect time to give your final dose of the summer.  I apply topically to the flowering plants and work in as best as I can.


As always, keep applying Earth Medicine to flowers, shrubs and trees monthly. 


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Keep sharing your plant pictures with us on Facebook and Instagram.  We love seeing them!


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Happy planting,


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