Garden vs Store bought vegetables

Do you follow us on Instagram or Facebook?  I’ve been posting about storing and preserving my garden harvest. Today I shared how I keep my beets all winter by cooking them in my pressure cooker then cubing and freezing them.  What I didn’t share is the HUGE mess I made (instagram life vs real life?). 


I didn’t change the water in the pressure cooker after my first batch of beets. The bottom of the pot was full of beet juice (vs water).  I thought to myself ‘liquid is liquid’.  BIG MISTAKE.  I released the pressure valve (steam blows out) for my second batch of beets and went back to cooking supper.  I look over a few minutes later and my cupboards, back splash, counters and everything else in sight is COVERED in red.  It looked like a murder scene.  I had beet juice everywhere.   So here is a friendly reminder - change the water between batches if cooking beets!


I work all summer in my garden and all fall preserving because I LOVE the taste of a garden tomato in the middle of winter.  I can taste the life-force in it.  Garden fruits and vegetables will NEVER compare to store bought.  We recently purchased equipment to test the nutritional density in food.  Spoiler Alert! Every single test I’ve run, my garden fruits and vegetables are more nutritionally dense than store bought.  This gives me even more motivation to grow, store and preserve my own food.  I want myself and my family eating the most nutritionally dense food possible!


If you want to join me on this - now is the time to start.  Fall is the perfect time to add Earth Medicine to your garden.  Build up the diverse microbial life of your soil before winter and be ahead of the game this spring!

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