Attention Plant Moms: I have a confession....

I have a confession - I’m a bad houseplant mom.  

During the spring and summer my houseplants take a back seat to my large farm yard and garden. I pour all my energy into my perennials, potted flowers, lawn and garden.  This leaves my neglected houseplants looking ragged and sad by the time October comes around.  

I am now fully committed to bringing them back to life with lots of love and attention.  I’ve been repotting a few, cleaning up others and of course - giving them a healthy dose of Earth Medicine! 

Each year I tell myself that this will be the summer I do it all - take optimal care of all indoor and outdoor plants.  And each year I end up with the same sad plants come October.  Luckily they bounce back pretty fast and don’t seem to hold a grudge against me.  

This leaves me wondering - am I the only one?  Do you ignore your houseplants a bit too much during the summer?   If you mange to do it all, please share your secrets with me!!

Adding Earth Medicine to house plants in late fall leads me to a question we get A LOT - “Is it safe to fertilizer through the winter?”

The short answer is YES!  You can and should fertilize your houseplants throughout the winter months using Earth Medicine.  

The long answer is still YES! - just with more detail.  Being a microbial fertilizer there are different fertilizing “rules”.  Traditional fertilizers feed the plant - Earth Medicine feeds the soil.  Your plants soil still needs an environment rich with beneficial bacteria and fungi throughout the winter months.  Continuing with your monthly Earth Medicine application throughout the winter will give a fresh dose of microbes to the soil and the plant will naturally draw upon the added nutrients as needed.  

As always - we love hearing from you!  If you have any questions or concerns please send us a message!  We are always happy to help.  

Happy planting,

- Michelle 

Housekeeping Tips:

It's getting cold out and as we finish winterizing our yards it's important to store your Earth Medicine inside to keep it dry and at room temperature. 

Remember, Earth Medicine is a living product so we need to make sure we keep it's environment stable and out of the harsh elements of the Canadian winter!

Keep your bag in the garage or in the laundry room, in the basement or even in the pantry! 

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