Organic Microbial Fertilizer

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Premium organic microbial fertilizers to enhance your soil fertility. Our product is for all indoor and outdoor plants & gardens. From the new plant owner to the most experienced soil scientists, our customers LOVE Earth Medicine. We're easy to use, non toxic, sustainably sourced, organic and above all else - provide RESULTS. Support your plants and garden naturally with Earth Medicine.

Everyone is Loving Earth Medicine

“Since using earth medicine my plants have never grown this much! Plants that I use to think were “slow growers” are now growing like crazy! It’s definitely a plant product I need to have in my kit! Love love love it!”
“This was my first year applying Earth Medicine to my large garden. Despite a rough spring and very little rain or watering on my part, I've had my best harvest to date! Tomatoes had no end rot, lots of carrots when i usually get very few and grew some of the best cauliflower I've ever eaten!”
Elizabeth Z.
“I've been using Earth Medicine for a couple of years now, and can really see the difference in the health and number of blossoms on my plants - both annual flowers and vegetable garden plants. I also use it with shrubs and perennials and have seen good results. I'll continue to EM in the future.”
Linda H.
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